Quicktions is a real time, real world platform to get instant answers for decision making.

Quicktions is powered by Go. We chose Go because,

  • Scalability without having to do anything special
  • Simplicity of code
  • Speed of development
  • and Gophergala 2015 !

How it works

  • A confused mind comes to quicktions.com and posts his/her question. They also post minimum 2 or maximum 4 options for the question. That is why basically they're confused, right ?
  • We instantly send this question to 10 people chosen randomly
  • As soon as someone clicks on the notification in their phone they get to a screen to answer this question
  • And when they submit an answer, question poster gets to see that in real time !
  • We help you find answers to your quick questions :)

Under the hood

  • Well, most importantly, our backend is written in Go
  • then we rely on websockets for real time updates
  • and some javascript, css and HTML magic with GCM sauce

visit http://quicktions.com/video, Watch our video to know more !

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