We are a team of developers from Ukraine who are pleased to present our QuickTables plugin for adding tables to Jira Issues.


The tables are everywhere in our life - from the simple product list - when you are going to the shop to the AI development - when you create the requirements for the solution.

When the Atlassian Team Playbook was published - it bring us the idea to create a plugin, that helps the teams with team activities. Simple tables could consist of data, which be useful for a user, for a project, or for a team.

What it does

Quick Tables allow you to use the custom area with the table in the Jira Issue. Create the template for each project, or use the few templates in the one issue with custom data inside the cells.

No matter, what is the prime business direction of your team:

  • Project Management
  • Sales
  • Financial
  • Product Management
  • Service desk
  • HR
  • Marketing Quick Tables will extend your Jira a lot! 

Imagine, that Quick Tables:

  • Let your HR create a ToDo list for the onboarding process for the new employees
  • Create the Definition of Ready and Definition of Done for the Development team
  • Your marketing team - could check the plan for the campaigns and complete it by the filling results
  • Let your service-desk team ask the customer for extended details of the issue
  • Let you create the Risk matrix for each Issue
  • Make a tour for new employees with the sample steps and cases
  • Create the monthly/quoter reports and fill the table with results

Challenges we ran into

The complexity of organizing a team in the context of the current military conflict in Ukraine was a particularly unique challenge faced by our development team at this hackathon. But we were able to work together productively thanks to Jira, Confluence, Teams, and Telegram - these tools made planning and our daily meetings easier. We also worked closely with our marketing team to better understand the needs of future Quick Tables plugin users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the energy put into this project and its end results. The early reviews are great and we get a lot of compliments from small and large companies that really want to use the Quick Tables plugin.

What we learned

When we started working on this project, we were pleasantly surprised at how much the functionality Forge had increased. We are now taking extra time to transfer our existing projects from Connect to Forge.

The first experience of using IssuePanel with additional components is quite positive: good and easy integration directly into the issue.

ReactTable v7 was used as the basis of the project. An interesting and powerful tool. We had to change the main part several times, as we constantly found some new opportunities that were either already included in the project or will be implemented in the near future.

In general, it is quite an interesting brainstorming experience with the addition of new functionality almost every day. We plan to continue working on the product because a lot of ideas have accumulated in this short period.

What's next for Quick Tables

We plan to continue to support and grow Quick Tables application post-hackathon. Soon our development team will add integration of the Quick Tables plugin with SharePoint and other 3rd parties systems so that users can enhance the teamwork experience. This will link the Jira issue to documents, sites, pages, lists in SharePoint space!

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