We noticed a trend of increased sexual assault on our college campus as well as numerous others around the country, and isolated part of the problem to a lack of awareness and a confusion or ambiguity about what is an unsafe situation and what constitutes sexual assault.

Thus, we created an android app that allows users to do send out a discreet distress signal in our app by pressing an innocuous button. This app then alerts their preset list of trusted friends of their location and the nature of the distress, as well as alerting all users of the app within a certain radius anonymously that someone in the area is feeling unsafe, and asks them to commit to making their area a safe space as well as be cognizant of their behavior and that of others.

We are proud to present a product that allows users to GET HELP while remaining ANONYMOUS. The app takes on many different forms depending on whether you are a sender or a receiver (which can in turn be an ally or a stranger).

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