We set out to solve our biggest dilemma when at a live event, which was wanting to buy food, drinks and merchandise but not having the opportunity during the event. Generally the only time to get these items is right when you get to the stadium or if there is an intermission. Even if you do decide to wait very patiently in a very crowded line you generally consume what you bought even before the event starts. There for we set out a way to eliminate this issue.

What it does

Our app creates an on demand delivery service that brings food, drinks and merchandise to your seat during the game. In order to use the app for free you have to have purchased your ticket trough SeatGeek and it is a complimentary service. If you wish to use the app but have bought your ticket through a different venue then there is a small fee in order to be able to access on demand waiter service. The "runners"/waiters for the app are those who work in the shops around the stadium or arena. When the live event is on generally these shops are empty of customers, therefore they can log on to the app and find the seats which have requested orders and choose which ones to accept. If the demand is high enough for orders SeatGeek could opt for having their own "personal" waiters for the sections which are more expensive.

How we built it

We built our app with meteor.js, bootstrap, brewery-db, and mongoDB. In additions we used "unofficial" Seatgeek api, and "unofficial" mlb api which were created by custom scrapers.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge for our project was mapping customer locations on the interactive map in order to have the "runners" have access to the visual location of their customers. Therefore it required properly mapping the orders. Another challenge we had was designing without a designer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how the interactive map came out and the overall design of the project.

What we learned

We learned how to use meteor better and the how much of a market there is for on demand service through our research on the issue. For example Yankee stadium brings in 10 million dollars alone on concessions per year.

What's next for QuickSeat

We hope to later on be able to add more features to QuickSeat with the expected high demand. Which would be different levels of membership. There is complimentary which we have for those who bought their ticket through SeatGeek and a pay as you go fee for those who didn't. But later on we hope to add more "runners" for those who want a higher membership which would ensure your food even faster since you have certain "runners" dedicated to your section.

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