Frontend workflow

  • User:
    • fills in text fields (eg names, locations)
    • selects from dropdown menus (eg dates, number of roommates)
  • User presses "submit" button to process PDF
  • backend workflow occurs, pdf generated
  • User prompted to review generated pdf before proceeding to use Docusign signature to sign the agreement
  • User can send this pdf to other roommates to sign

Backend workflow:

  • Upon info submission, Javascript writes user info to ordered list
  • Python script duplicates template file (heretofore referred to as "raw tex file")
  • Python script reads ordered list and places user info in appropriate places on raw tex file
  • Python script calls MikTex (b/c windows computer) to compile the raw tex file into a pdf
  • Server returns the pdf to the website

Improvements over current roommate agreement systems

  • Paperless
  • Procedurally efficient
  • User friendly

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