Our first idea when brainstorming was to create a mall navigation app that allows users to find a specific item rather than going store to store, then decided maybe a city-wide grocery optimization app would be a better idea. However, there are already a lot of grocery apps out there and people are most likely to search for the best high-ticket items possible rather than save a few bucks on groceries.

What it does

QuickQuery asks the user for their shopping preferences and creates a weighted scoring matrix based on the survey results (price, proximity, and reviews). When the user enters keywords, a database is searched for the similar items and ranks them based on the scoring matrix results.

How we built it

Creation of a cloud based cockroachDB server which simulates store merchandise data, and through a front-end application based on node.js allows users to search for items they'd like to purchase. Through the location(), availability() and price() functions our server searches for the closest and most affordable items being looked for and displays this to our users. Thus users are able to more efficiently shop for items that they would want to use.

Challenges we ran into

  • React was a language that none of us had experience with. In addition, visual studio was refusing to run JavaScript files for Annika, despite troubleshooting attempts.
  • Cockroach database is more suited for communication between nodes, mongoDB would have been a much more successful choice so it was overall difficult to get up and running. -Our team had little combined experience in the languages necessary to fully bring everything together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A functioning figma presentation showcasing the potential of the project
  • Successful use of the cockroach database
  • Attendance of most workshops and making the most out of deltahacks

What we learned

  • Annika learned how to use figma to create a prototype presentation and learned about the connection between HTML and JavaScript when building a simple website. Although using Reach was not successful, HTML worked just fine and she successfully completed several demo websites with the new language.
  • Effective brainstorming using figma and taking input from mentors about the importance of target audiences
  • Ali used cockroachDB for the first time

What's next for QuickQuery

  • Adding a front-end, user-friendly website to connect with the work completed on the back end.
  • Ability to search for a list of items rather than just one, allowing the user to know which store offers the most of the items.
  • A longer user survey that adds consideration for health concerns and desired performance specs
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