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What problem have we set out to solve?

Our project, QuickQ, seeks to solve the problem of social distancing in stores. To many, fulfilling the daily shopping needs is the biggest contamination risk, and the one place where people get specifically close here is at the shop's cash register. Cramming people at the cash register is a health hazard, therefore we seek to allow the customers to queue from anywhere inside the store.

What is our solution?

Our solution to the problem is, creating an app digitizing queuing. The app allows customers to queue from anywhere in the vicinity of the store, which in turn allows customers to move about freely and maintain social distancing. The app is coupled with a physical ticketing system, such that customers can choose between the digital solution and a physical ticket. Furthermore, the customer does not have to commit by downloading the app, but they can access the basic features simply by scanning a QR code in the store.

When in a queue the customer has the possibility of delaying their position in the queue or leave the queue if the customer needs more time in the store. Maintaining social distancing in stores will decrease the contamination risk in the biggest health hazard to many people. This solution, other than enforcing social distancing, also facilitates customer engagement either through the app or by freeing the customer from standing in a line - when in a line you can't do anything else. When the customer is free to roam it creates several value-adding customer interaction opportunities.

Where our project is now

During this weekend we have built the basic functionality allowing customers to queue using a QR code, leave the queue and delay their position in the queue. Furthermore, simple user-interface has been created.

How can it be taken to market?

Our go-to-market strategy consists of two steps; (1) we will make a pilot project with local business to test and develop the product, and (2) we will make a 0 – 100 market entrance launching in as many local stores as possible within a geographical area at the same time. If possible a partnership with the municipality of the geographical area promoting this product for its health benefits on the launch date through social media channels would be ideal. The 0 – 100 strategy has been seen to draw a lot of attention in cases such as electric scooters, why we believe that this market entrance can create the attention we will need.

The resources we are looking for to continue

To continue the project till we have completed the second step of our go-to-market strategy we will need three things: (1) the human resources to further develop our product, (2) to create partnerships with local business and (3) capital to invest in the hardware required to install the system in shops.

We believe a subscription-based model with servicing and software support to be the best model since it allows for continued services and creates lasting partnerships with the stores, which is a key resource in further developing the product and business model.


Below is a link to see the code and run the project. You can run it in the emulator, however this may not function correctly, as you need camera permissions.

First you will need to download the "Expo" app on your phone via play store or the app store. Then on the right you can click "android", "Run on your device" Scan the QR that shows up using the expo app, and the app we created will install on your phone.

Then you can press join queue and scan the QR code we provided as an image above in the gallery.

You will then join the queue.

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