Quick Post:

With increasing number of events, there is a growing need to broadcast the information about the event. Clearly, the purpose of event organizers is to maximize the number of attendees in minimum possible efforts. This poses the challenge of advertising the event/show in reduced efforts.

The idea behind our application ‘Quick Post’ is to broadcast the information about the event to span maximum number of people. However there are already existing applications such as Facebook which solve the similar problem but without the availability of internet and smartphones, purpose seems to be defeated. Our application, on the other hand, uses cellphone network as a medium of broadcasting, covering large amount of people.

We have been able to achieve the aforementioned functionality using one of the cloud API ‘TROPO’ for the communication purposes. This application (messaging service) lets a user post/broadcast about the event with just a text message and people who have subscribed to this application will get notified about this event. Users who have already subscribed to any event in the past will get notified about the new event with the functionality of deciding whether they want to keep receiving such notifications. This lessens the burden of advertising an event on users. In this application, we have also categorized the events in multiple categories. For example, events such as Hackathon, Microsoft coding challenge would lie in the same category. This helps users to get the notifications only about the events in which a user in interested.

In future work, we would add the functionality of reminding about the event to subscribed people. Moreover, users would also have the functionality of choosing events happening in certain area. In other words, users can subscribe events based on the location.

Built With

  • tropo-api
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