when pandemics started no platforms like meet and zoom gave No poll option , that is where the inspiration came.

What it does

It creates poll of 2-option such as you can say yes or no poll or one can create 4-option poll and see the result in no-time.

How I built it

Took some learning from the web and applied it in the project and most frontend works are done by bootstrap and then First thing I did I designed the DB structure of polls, votes and result then did some backend work which made it perfect, And In the end I implemented the authentication features.

Challenges I ran into

I was displaying the results in count format then I thought what if it looked more in a graph format so user will quickly get the idea of the result of the poll. It took a day or two to find the right resource then I got it implemented. I needed to do cloud hosting of this website so a lot of learning happened there , mostly I failed to do it but in the end It was just a simple migration error figured it out and now it's live on try login with username : newvirtual; pass: 1234, if you want to see the result of the polls.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made this project by myself, so making it totally working and putting it live was something very special to me.

What I learned

I always performed django as a beginner watching some tutorials but after making this project by myself I can say that I know the workflow of the django, for sure there is a lot to learn but now I can teach others too. I didn't know a lot of frontend tools so that is where I learned bootstrap. I got to learn about zingchart which is a javascript extension which provides you graph format of particular data you want.

What's next for QuickPoll

I took QuickPoll as my mini project in college but I thought there's lot of things to do with this website. The current features which I am implementing are one-time-vote, multi-optional poll, image polls , timer feature, sign in with multiple platform. These are the list of things I am implementing with my teammates, btw I changed the name to GetPoll, It will be live in one or two months as soon as these features get implemented.

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