Hospitality challenges with the current COVID-19 situation, people are waiting for long time for order pickups.

What it does

Contact less order pickup process for restaurant patrons to eliminate the need for phone calls and IVR

How we built it

We used/integrated below mentioned technologies to build our app:

  • Platform: Azure Cloud Docker containers
  • API: Meraki MVSense Meraki Wireless Cisco Webex Teams Purple AI
    • Programming Langauges: Python Reactjs Type-Script
  • Databases mongodb

Challenges we ran into

  • Cross time zones, development working together in collaboration and partner programming
  • Learning the styles within the team

Accomplishments that We are proud of

  • Able to work with geographically dispersed team to finish the project in a fast pace manner
  • Learning the technologies such as Cisco APIs, Purple AI

What we learned

DevNet SDKs WebEx Teams SDK MV Sense SDK APIs with Purple WebEx Teams for meeting spaces

What's next for QuickPickUp

  • Diversify for other industries such as Retailers
  • Improve the security features
  • Automate deployment for quick spin-up

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