Please check our github's QuickPay-README.pdf for the complete story.


Lack of a service that allows secure, instant transfer of funds between any two bank accounts, for free.

What it does

QuickPay is an Android app that allows secure, instant transfer of funds between any two bank accounts, for free.

How I built it

Android app on the front end; Java and Jersey framework application server deployed on AWS at the back end.

Challenges I ran into

Android deprecated functions, not documented well enough; AWS setup hurdles; Jersey framework setup hurdle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made a Minimum viable product in a record time of 24 hours.

What I learned

  • Always assume you'll spend 2x time working on your initial estimated time to complete.
  • Use technologies that the team in comfortable with.

What's next for QuickPay

  • Attempt to add more security features like SSL and deploy this app as a complete fund transfer client.
  • Please check the complete "README" on github to know more about QuickPay.

bigred // hacks September 20, 2015 QuickPay Project Description QuickPay is an Android app that allows secure, instant transfer of funds between any two bank accounts, for free.

Problem statement


Most banks take 3 business days to transfer funds to a beneficiary of a different bank and they don’t offer an instant payment service. Some third party applications allow instant transfer of funds between 2 different bank accounts but, impose transfer limits and charge a transaction fee. This system of banking makes it cumbersome for a person to transfer funds in the event of an emergency.

Our solution

- Though banks take a longer time to transfer money to a different bank’s account, most banks have an instant transfer mechanism for 2 accounts within the same bank. Use this feature to facilitate instant transfers between any 2 accounts, for free!

How do we do it?

- Install the app. Register a username, credit/debit card details and a “Shareable amount”. Once registered, the user can do instant transfers of up-to 5 times his configured Shareable amount.

Under the hood... Username2 has no money HTTP POST QuickPay debits amount instantly QuickPay pays username3 using regular inter-bank transfer QuickPay intiates transfer instantly Find username2’s bank; Server finds that username3 has an account at same bank Username3 has set Sharable amount = $500 This is the max. amount that can be temporarily borrowed QuickPay will transfer it to Username3 in 2 days. Username3 and Username2 have accounts in same bank Same bank transfers occur instantly This facilitates instant transfer Username2 receives

instant creditbigred // hacks

- September 20, 2015 The amount can be CrowdSourced from multiple intermediate accounts, if the transaction size is too large. Since a person can do instant transfers upto 5x times his configured “Shareable balance”, this encourages users to configure higher limits and hence, more “buffer” money becomes available to QuickPay for instant transfers.

APIs and Technologies used


- Amazon ElasticBeanstalk to deploy the application server on the cloud Android to develop the mobile app Capital One APIs to get customer debit card information, balance, account details, etc. and to find probable intermediate account holders. Java and Jersey framework to develop the server side application.

URL The application server has been configured to handle JSON requests and send JSON responses. There is no server UI hosted at this URL. POST can be simulated with Postman as: { "senderId" : "55e94a6af8d8770528e60e45", "receiverId" : "55e94a6af8d8770528e60e46", "bankName" : "Savings", "amount" : 1000 }

Team members Saurabh Netravalkar - Vishal Kumkar - Devi Snigdha - Harish Sethumadhavan –

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