The first bookmarklet that lets you manage and use bookmarklets as easily on your mobile phone and tablet as you can in your desktop browser. This hack makes your mobile browser way more useful. Now you can Share, Pin, Lookup and much more, from ANY page!

Hackathon info:

Going to be developed for the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in Brooklyn 2016!

Hosted at http://quickmarklets.online

Allows Houghton Mifflin members to add things to their portfolio right from their mobile web browser!

What it's all about

Have you ever heard of bookmarklets? They are snippets of Javascript code that you can bookmark just like URLs, and they help you do an amazing range of things right from the page you are on. Companies like Pinterest, Facebook and others have released bookmarklets to do things like pin images, share things on facebook, add attachments to comments, and more, straight from any webpage.

Desktop browsers have had bookmarklets for over a decade. They work in mobile and tablet browsers too, but they are notoriously hard to add. On the desktop, you simply drag them to the bookmarks bar. On mobile, however, you have to

  • copy the javascript
  • bookmark the page
  • go into the bookmarks and find your bookmark
  • carefully replace the url with the javascript
  • move it to the top of your bookmarks

So we decided to make a website that lets you do all that once. The last bookmarklet you'll have to install. From then on, any time you'd like to add or use a bookmarklet, simply call up Quickmarklets and it will present a menu for you to do that. And since bookmarklets are synced across devices just like your bookmarks are, it works everywhere.

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