Our inspiration was from a community we are very familiar with, school. We all tried to find a problem that we found frustrating or inconvenient. After pitching many ideas, we found that we can best progress on the problem of long lunch lines. Students are faced with very long lunch lines on a day-to-day basis, and waiting in line can often take up a majority of the lunch period, depleting from time to eat and socialize.

What it does

We made a two-way account system such that, one account is used by the students and the other is used by the school, to ultimately create a “grab and go” system. The student will have the ability to purchase items available in the lunch lines through the mobile app, as it is connected to a credit/debit card and/or a PayPal account. After they purchase their items, they simply need to pick up the items and show a receipt as authentication for their purpose. On the other end of this application, the school has the ability to update its menu for all the items available for a day. They will also have the ability to update the quantity of each item and also update the price of each value. With this system put in play, students will have an ample amount of time to both eat and socialize during lunchtime and will be more connected to the convenience of technology.

How we built it

We created a real-time database using Firebase and stored and retrieved data on the menus. We built the app in Android Studio using Java.

Challenges we ran into

The UI and database were hard to integrate within the time given. We were also unable to implement a payment API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app didn't crash from all the dependencies and code.

What we learned

We learned about the Android development process and the work required to build a working app.

What's next for QuickLunch

If we can figure out how to make the UI more smooth and implement the payment API, our app would be complete. If we are able to get this complete, we plan on implementing this in iOS and hopefully have some schools integrate our app.

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