Have you ever spent too much time at the grocery store? Do you wish you knew where every item in the store was? Do you find yourself walking back and forth in the grocery store because you forgot some items. Well you don't have to worry about that anymore. Now you can use QuikList to help you with your regulatory grocery shopping.

QuikList is a web application that takes your input of items you need to buy from the grocery store, and calculates the fastest route for you to take in order to purchase all your items quickly and efficiently.

My team and I built QuikList using javascript, html, css, firebase, and bootstrap. We used the idea of the traveling salesman problem to come up with an algorithm that calculated the quickest route for you to take in the store.

Some challenges that we ran into were understanding some new programming languages that we were not familiar with. Also making all the different technologies working together proved to be a challenge at some times.

We are proud that we accomplished finding the quickest route through the store in order to purchase all of the items in your to-buy list.

We learned that making things work together is a lot more difficult than we expected.

QuikList can grow a lot by implementing different users that their to-buy lists can be saved for future references. Future implementations such as showing how much the cost is and representing sales on items will also be a useful feature for this application.

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