I saw many people are doing a lot of manual work to managing their leads and they have trouble to find their leads so I was thinking about how I can make their job easy with this productive tool.

What it does

This product has the below features.

  • Lead Management.
  • Lead Capture from linkdin.
  • Custom fields you can add as per your business.
  • CSV Imprt/Export.
  • Email Template.
  • Group
  • View contact, Notes, Activity, Trigger, and workflow Emails.
  • You can add people to your team for managing leads.
  • Email finder
  • Email integration (Gmail/Gsuite)
  • Inbox, send mail, reply email, trash, all email feature.

How I built it

A web app is written with Java Spring boot. Chrome plugin is written in Angular 10, and I use MySQL database. Also used Google API services for managing email integration and inbox.

Accomplishments that I proud of

I am proud of the chrome extension that I have to build for this product.

What I learned

This exercise gave us a very rapid tour of the capabilities of the Google API for inbox, and I also learn how to make a chrome extension that I have build using angular 10.

What's next for

Next, I am going to add notification emails, lead scrappers that scrap the lead from various sources like google place apis, Facebook pages, yelp businesses, etc, and SEO tool that helps to improve your website rank and many more features coming soon.

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