What track are you in?

Beginners Hacker Track

What is your inspiration

Our inspiration is the relationship we have with our friends who are international students, our story as immigrants, and the problems we see in our community.

What is the goal of the project

We will facilitate obtaining information that international students need by centralizing pertinent resources. Resources include food, housing, health, transportation, employment, and education.

How we built it

Aury built the prototype using yeoman (a scaffolding tool) to generate a web app template. Using Handlebars.js and the MVC design pattern, he was able to build a few mock pages for the product. Malika and Sumit worked on java script to add information regarding education, jobs, transportation, housing, food, and health. Benny being an economics major worked on finding the right information to our audience and also looked at the competition in the market to give an insight on the field.

What obstacles did you face?

Since we all come from different cultural and educational backgrounds, we had trouble narrowing down the scope of our project in a way that would address as many issues in our community given the time and skill-set limitations. Handler bar was a challenge in the beginning, but turned out to be a great learning opportunity.

How did you overcome the problem?

We were able to come up with a solid proposal that would have an impact on a problem we see. We were also able to learn and full utilize every team member to contribute as much as possible regardless of the diversity in programming knowledge.

What did you learn?

We realized the extent of the the problem we were trying to solve. There is an untapped market for providing information to international students. The resources our there are meager as well as confusing.

What's next for quickimm?

We strive to expand to other areas such as providing information on sponsorship resources. We also see this project growing outwards to include other immigrants.

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