We strongly believe that "low-code" is the future! that being said, it feels like the area of formula creation is yet very manual and hand on grit work.

What it does

QuickFormula for QuickBase aiming to simplify this process by providing a visual tool, which is fun and easy to use. Think about the "Lego" block for achieving complex formulas without any coding

✔️ The app comes prepacked with many basic formula functions already implemented out of the box, so it is easier to start building new formulas. 📦

✔️ Built with security in mind, your quickbase authentication isn't stored anywhere and never leaves the browser. 🔒

✔️ Meant to be collaborative. have you built something cool? share it with your co-workers and community forums. (Formula Settings -> Download screenshot) 👦👧

✔️ Do not harm! the app won't let you create formulas that do not make sense (put a boolean field in a number function etc...) and will save you tons of time debugging your own code ⌚

✔️ Watch a full overview 📺

What's next for QuickFormula

✅ More functions implementation

✅ Deeper integration with Quickbase, we'd like to cross and share formulas between different apps inside qb.

✅ Collaborative features ( set editor and viewer for a workspace)

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