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What it does

  • drag and drop form builder with various field types
  • automatically to create field type in QuickBase
  • form preview before publish
  • generate form link

How I built it

Quickbase Codepage, Quickbase API, HTML, CSS, JS, React

Challenges I ran into

generate a form from builder to QuickBase codepage

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Quickform can automatically generate field type, page, and link to fill the form

What I learned

A lot of QuickBase platform (API, codepage even pipeline, structure DB, table)

What's next for QuickForm - Create a Survey, Poll, and Feedback Quickly

  • able to make a payment form that connects the payment API like stripe/PayPal
  • able to make a quiz
  • provide survey, poll, and feedback template so user can make a form quickly with duplicate it.

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