What It Does

Mix and match outfit pieces from your own wardrobe, in-store and online shops, or even a random social-media image of your choosing! QuickFit is an efficient, eco-friendly and COVID-safe way of choosing what to wear for any weather climate or occasion.


Our team was inspired by personal experiences and the daily morning struggle of trying to find an outfit when you are pressed for time! Everyone has at least an item or two that sits unworn in their closet for years because they can't figure out how to style it. QuickFit eliminates excessive consumption habits by iterating through all the possible outfit options you can create with items already in your own wardrobe instead of opting for a completely new outfit!

How We Built It

The initial version of QuickFit has been built using Python's TKinter library for the GUI, TkKinter's filedialog for opening files, and the Pillow library for image resizing. A mockup of the UI for a future application was also created using Figma.

Challenges We Ran Into

Some of the challenges we ran into were having a limited knowledge in the programming language and the time constraint. To combat these problems, we put a heavy focus on developing the concept behind the application and brainstorming efficient solutions to outfit-choosing problems it could solve in the near future, given more time to code all the features.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are extremely proud of how we worked as a team! We all come from various programming backgrounds, but took on roles that showcased our strengths. This is the first hackathon for two of us, and one of our members is a Pharmacology student! We were excited for Code.Jam to be a learning opportunity and are proud to have successfully brought our idea to fruition along the way, despite our minimal coding knowledge.

What We Learned

We learned that although having big dreams for your application is important, starting off small scale is often the way to go. Integrating multiple features and creating functional coding can be a difficult task, but tackling each feature one at a time can make for smoother implementation.

What's Next For QuickFit

The future of QuickFit consists of making the outfit generator into an app where you can plan what you wear with a calendar, mark favourite pieces or outfits and notify the user when favourited items are on sale. Using API Segmentation would allow the user to crop out select clothing items from an image of someone wearing a full outfit, and select clothing from a stock of millions of online images.

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