We all have had our share of hospital visits or visits to the doctor. Every time we visit one, there is a requirement of filling out all the details , basic repetitive details like name, date of birth, blood group and emergency contact etc. So we were inspired to create an application which would help the patients and not require them to fill these details every time. This would be particularly helpful for patients coming to the emergency room.

What it does

So the patients and the doctors both are registered to the app. Whenever the patient visits the hospital or the doctor, the doctor or the hospital just sends a push notification to the patient with the message "send details". When the patient registers for the app, he/she can fill in the information which gets saved in the phone as a json file. So when the patient receives the notification from the doctor, the patient sends the message back with all the information from the json file as a Json string and the doctor has an interface which automatically gets filled by all the information received from the patient. This ensures easy autofill of information and no wastage of time for the patients or the doctor

How I built it

We used Google Cloud Messaging with Android to accomplish the task of interaction between the doctor or the hospital and the patients. We also used json as the data format , so the data passed from the patient is passed as a json object and we parse this data at the doctor's end to extract the necessary field information.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating Google Cloud Messaging with Android. It requires configuration, consistent wifi connection since we are hosting it on a local server for the demo.Running a local server like Tomcat and interpreting what messages are being exchanged in between the patient and the doctor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully integrating the Google Cloud messaging with Android app. This avoids the need for the patient and the doctor to be in close proximity and avoids the use of bluetooth or any other such methods of interaction which requires proximity. Successfully building the prototype of the main application which accomplishes the main concept and the functionality with certain limitations.

What I learned

Our Group consisted of variety of people with little to some knowledge of Android. We successfully learnt how to build an android application from scratch to integrating google apis like google cloud messaging with Android. Also learnt a good deal about Json parsing.

What's next for QuickFill

The QuickFill is a quickfill app which can be not only used in the medical field , but can be enhanced to be used in any field which requires immediate communication between any two parties and requires automatic filling of information

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