The DAO hack

What it does

Stops hacks like the DAO

How we built it

C++ and Ethereum RPC on the backend. Ruby on Rails for the front end.

Challenges we ran into

How to ensure a decentralized platform. Identified IPFS as a solution. How to build a business case around data delivery.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. A strong business case for the problem. We can open a new markets for ICOs for real-time smart contract monitoring and significantly enhance cyber security by mitigating hacks like the DAO.
  2. We offer deep insights into understanding and processing the smart contracts data.
  3. Build a live front end of the platform, while maintaining a decentralized stance.

What we learned

A good team is diverse, and brings in a heterogeneous skill set.

What's next for QuickBlocks

We are looking for seed funding.

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