After many years observing the way refugees and homeless people are hosted we decided to create a tool perfectly fitting with the way NGOs, volunteers and associations work in this field.

What it does

We developped a tool for hosts, to help them manage their establishement or home and make sure that they comply with the requirements to host refugees or homeless people. We help them to work with NGOs, volunteers and associations in order to start their professional social activity, give the best social services thanks to this additionnal revenue to make a better world. We allow NGOs, volunteers and associations to use this tool to have access to a larger choice of social hosts dedicated and willing to improve their services and help integrate people in the society.

How we built it

We worked with many association to find the best way to improve their process and allow them to use the platform for any scenario. We developped algorithms specifically for this field, to allow the associations to find the right place for the every specific resident profile and maximise the chance to succeed his integration. We design the product in 1 year, iterating constantly to adapt to the new regulation and laws that constantly force the associations to change the way they work.

Challenges we ran into

We believe in the power of partnerships to allow combining services and solutions that share expertise to improve the integration system. We need more associations and more hosts to create a fluid market and never let anyone sleeping in the street while letting rooms empty. For this reason we also work constantly to improve our matching algorithm and cover all scenario, even the most unique and hard to manage.

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