QuickBase - Table 307

Have a routine set of web pages you open up at a specific time? Use QuickBase to open up a given set of web pages based on the current time. Setting up a profile is as simple as setting a time range and adding a URL. Then, click the QuickBase icon and 'Base Up' to open up all your sites!

Why Did We Make This?

When we go to class, we commonly found ourselves opening the same few tabs. Consolidating this into a scheduler just made sense, and having an always-present chrome extension in our browser allowed ease of use.

Looking Forward

  • We would like to allow the app to execute local applications (such as VSCode, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • Suggest the user apps to open based on their common routine.


  1. Download and extract the GitHub repo.
  2. Navigate to your Chrome extensions manager. (chrome://extensions/)
  3. Enable Developer Mode in the top right.
  4. Click Load Unpacked in the top left.
  5. Select the QuickBase folder.

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