It’s hard for candidates to find and apply to relevant job openings on a company website, leading to companies missing out on potential applicants.

What it does

QuickApply, a virtual chat agent with interactive UI + powerful information retrieval techniques revolutionizing the job board

Job applicants love the conversational, to the point format of in-person recruiter conversations. So why not make online job applications the same!

It also takes a Resume, parses it, and automatically finds relevant roles

How we built it

Javascript (React) Python Flask MongoDB Tesseract OCR Statistical Measures: TF*IDF , cosine-similarity SendGrid

Challenges we ran into

The hardest part was by far PDF upload and the implementation of TF*IDF & Cosine-Similarity based search. I also ran out of time to host the project and polish the UI. Keeping the code clean while moving fast was also impossible...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was a really challenging project for me and I'm glad I got a working prototype down. It was great to see the resume parsing working and giving me super relevant roles

What we learned?

Coffee is a gift

What's next for QuickApply

Edge cases, Follow Up actions, quicker pdf parsing

Built With

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