This webapp is Inspired by lovely Math/CS professors that think we all have time to typeset our homework!

What it does

Quick Notes is an online note taking tool that takes advantage of the cleanliness of markdown + LaTex while trying reducing the pain of tediously typesetting nested \fracs,\sqrts,and \Sigma's with sub/super scripts via myScript handwriting recognition!

Tech Stack

  1. Meteor.js - Full-Stack Web Framework
  2. Semantic UI - Front End Framework
  3. Markdown/LaTex - For note writing
  4. MyScript Handwriting Recognition - Used to reduce the amount of LaTex written by converting handwriting to LaTex
  5. MongoDB - User Accounts + Online Notebooks


  1. Infinite refresh loops caused by reactive variables and login issues (solved)
  2. Integrating MyScript api's for handwriting recognition took awhile because it was my first time using it
  3. Creating Undefined Notebooks (solved)

What I learned

This was my first big hackathon and I really enjoyed myself and the environment of hacking space. I was able to learn how to use MyScript api and became more familiar with MongoDB

What Is Next

I am looking to use tessaract (handwriting ocr) in order to allow users to upload prewritten notes into Quick_Notes. Further, I would like to create a way to use the trackpad in a more tablet-like way for handwriting.

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