Quick Shop is a colorful, intuitive and easy-to-use shopping list app. It's best to be used together with Samsung Gear 2 to make shopping experience quick and easy. You won't need to worry about dropping your smart phone while reaching for the apples - with this app your hands will be free.

Quick shop fully integrates phone and smart-watch functionality by synchronizing all your actions on your shopping lists. Although it's much less space on the watch screen, the layout of this app makes tapping on the list items easy. Also the watch has a shopping progress bar on the very top, just so that you'd never miss buying the products that you needed.

While creating this app, we thought about the quickest possible experience when entering the items. With Quick Shop it's easy - choose item from your history or enter a new one. You won't need to jump through any hoops.

At the moment Quick Shop is available only in English language.

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