What it does

The outside QR pattern quickly takes those who scan it to the wearer's programmed site, be it Facebook for social media connections or a personal website for those who want business advertisements. On the inside, the second QR code is specifically for the wearer, where personal stylists from Quick Relations handpick outfits from the wearer's closet that compliment the QR garment. This way, the wearer can simply scan the inside code to find style combinations and suggestions professionally picked by a stylist.

How we built it

We generated two separate QR codes. The outside code was incorporated into a digital pattern using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and printed using the digital printer in the TechStyle lab. The inside code would be printed as a tag. We then created a pattern, cut the fabric and sewed the garment.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate with the TechStyle lab in order to print a personalized digital pattern. We also learned to create QR codes.

What's next for Quick Relations

Quick Relations is an extremely accessible, interactive, wearable technology that customers can order from a website, collaborate with designers throughout the design process and wear with style, knowing it was combined with the best outfit choices possible. Quick Relations is a product that can easily be put on the market in the near future. Our product will start connecting people in both the social and business setting with the simple the scan of a pattern, while the wearer can simultaneously be assured they are taking advantage of the most stylish outfit combinations possible for their new Quick Relations garment. The QR links have endless possibilities in the apparel industry, aside from social media and being a "wearable business card," Quick Relations can be incorporated into the work force. Hospitals can print personalized codes on patient hospital gowns with records and contact information. Possibilities for first response teams, the Armed Forces, etc are also vast.

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