Was just thinking of ideas in our room in Rice when Jacob came up with the idea! We all thought it was awesome from the getgo and just got started.

What it does

Allows students and researchers and whoever else that writes things in Google Docs to quickly insert images taken or uploaded from their mobile device to right where their cursor is in their Google Doc.

How we built it

Using Google's App Script and add-on APIs, along with Python (Flask) and MongoDB for the back-end service that actually stored the images before sending them to the Google Doc.

Challenges we ran into

Oh so many! Images wouldn't upload. The database wouldn't connect. The images wouldn't upload. Did I say that again? We really had a lot of image issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally got everything working in the dead of night! What an amazing feeling after banging our heads against our keyboards for literally hours.

What we learned

How some systems check for things like filetype a lot differently than others.

How finnicky some systems can be.

Asynchronous vs synchronous programming.

What's next for Quick Pic

Somehow figure out how to correctly order the pictures when uploading more than one!

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