More and more businesses are resuming operations here in the Philippines after being placed on a hard lockdown for 4 months due to COVID-19 pandemic. Establishments are recommencing, public transportations such as trains and buses are back on track, and restaurants are opening their doors to their patrons with social distancing protocols in place. We all think this is the "new normal". However, despite our efforts in maintaining the "new normal" procedures, each and everyone of us are still at risk as we come in contact with people indirectly.

Customers and commuters are required to fill-up a small piece of paper referred to as "contact tracing stubs", which if you don't have a pen with you, you will be borrowing the pen that other people have used to fill the form. Not only is it risky to touch objects that are highly susceptible to spread the virus, but our lives are also at risky every second we are being exposed to prolonged precautionary measures as a result of manual contact tracing.

Many applications have been created amidst this issue of contact tracing, but these applications are not universal as people are not required to install these applications, hence making tracing inaccurate and pointless. What if people doesn't have to fill forms every time they enter a premise? What if these subjects don't have to install a new application for contact tracing? What if self-assessment is as easy as talking to a friend? What if they can get alerts that they had closed contact with a confirmed positive individuals right from the same messaging app they use for connecting to their families and friends? This is where QuickPass comes practical, accurate, safe and convenient.

What it does

The HQ Dashboard - Smallest government units we call "Barangay" being the headquarters of all premises may create an account on our dashboard. They can register the premises within their terrestrial land of jurisdiction that requires monitoring or just send the registration link for these premises to have their own dashboard. HQ can also see all subjects that entered each premise, the age brackets, their statuses(suspected, confirmed, under monitoring, etc.), premises they entered and the duration of their stay to the establishment. As results being pass down by the Department of Health, HQ admins can tag confirmed positive subjects then all individuals who have closed contact with the positive person in a premise will be notified by the chatbot and possibly via SMS as well.

The Premise Dashboard - each premise will be given a registration link by the HQ admins to register a premise dashboard account and generate QR codes for their establishment entrances and exits. The premise can see all individuals that scanned their QR codes and entered the establishment, status of the subjects, the trend of entries, and the prior location of subjects before entering their establishment.

The Chatbot - the subjects refer to all individuals who are required to fill-up the form before entering a premise. The subjects shall scan the QR Codes on the entrance of the premises they wish to enter. Upon scanning the QR codes, the users will be redirected to their messaging application of choice (directly Facebook Messenger for now) and they will be asked by the chatbot to fill-up their information if it is the first time they scan QR codes from the platform(for every succeeding scans on any premise, the subject doesn't need to fill-up their information again). If the customer's device is not compatible with reading QR codes, they have an option to search the QuickPass bot name on their messenger and there will be an option to scan QR codes right from the chatbot. The same chatbot will remind the subject to do self-assessment hours after they went outside(scan premises QR codes) and their status will be updated depending on their response to the assessment. The HQ admin can make COVID-19 related announcements and the subject will receive those in their messenger.

What’s next for QuickPass

We believe in the impact of all contact tracing solutions to the country and people having messaging applications already on their smart phones is a major factor to the convenience of subjects and accuracy of data. With the support of the government and cooperation of both the citizens and establishments, we want all places to have QuickPass QR codes for everyone’s convenience and safety while supporting the effort of the government to stop the spread of this pandemic.

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