QuickPark provides a fast and simple way to pay for parking with just one click QuickPark is a submission to the Royal Canadian Mint MintChip Challenge. It is build around two guiding principles. A) it has to be really simple to set up and B) it has to be fast to use with as little friction as possible. QuickPark makes paying for on the street parking easy and fast, no more digging for change or getting special cards to pay on meters, no registration required. All that is needed is the App and a phone with a MintChip and you entering the license plate of the car you wish to park. The only piece of information that the municipality will receive is the license plate and location of the car as well as your payment. The Server then issues a parking credit that in this demo is limited to two minutes but could be of course an hour or longer. (Since the credit is only 2 minutes make sure your clock is exact if your clock is close to two minutes ahead it will not work) This app does not let you actually pay for parking as it is only a technology demo, but it will locate you and give you a street Address as well as a map. This is good when you park in a City you aren't familiar with. Once you clicked on "Park" it will store the location that your car is at, and you can always jump back in to the app to see where your car is and the address it is parked at. The app also tells you at what time your Parking credit expires and how many minutes till that time. On the server side I implemented a very simple list of transactions that show fictional license plates and their time and position as well as a status of the Hosted Mintchip that the fictional Municipality would use. When you pay for parking you will see the Balance on the Website increase. http://quickpark.cirql.net/parked-vehicles

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