The donate version of the popular Quick-Notes for the S Pen™ app!

So you got your awesome new phablet, the Galaxy Note™, and you're pumped to use its stylus features, but you're disappointed that you can't get to a notepad as quickly as you'd like to jot down quick notes. Sure, you can take a screenshot and write on it, but its nice to have an empty screen to write on. That's where Quick-Notes comes in.

When you download this app, you won't see it in your app drawer. That's because a simple long-press of the search button will take you straight to a Quick-Note page, where you can type down your note immediately. This reduces the long process of making your way to the S Memo™ app to a little under two seconds.

Only in Donate version:

  • Option to save in default directory, external sd directory, screenshot directory, or picture directory.
  • Ability to disable back button, so that only a triple tap will exit the app.
  • Ability to calibrate pen input so that the drawn line is exactly where you touch the screen.

So, what are you waiting for. Check it out. And feel free to leave a five-star review below if you like it :P.

SGH-i717 only. (The one with the capacitive buttons.) Sorry, N-7000 owners, this app uses the search button, which the N-7000 doesn't have. I'll make one for you guys as soon as I figure out how. S Pen™, S Memo™, and Galaxy Note™ are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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