I made this program for one of my first Hackathons, PennApps XXI. I wanted to make a game that included the theme of music while still making it simple and something that people can use to learn from. During this game, the player will have to guess which note appears on the screen. For each correctly guessed note, the player will be rewarded a point and a new note will appear on the screen. The player will have to keep guessing notes for 30 seconds. I built this project using Unity and ran into some troubles with being able to play the game multiple times in a row. It was also very troublesome to think of a good idea for this Music theme. I initially could only think of unoriginal rhythm game ideas and bad educational ideas, but I am happy that I could think of a fun little game instead of resorting to one of those. However, I am proud that I was able to make this because I learned a lot about using audio in games and about Canvases in Unity, while also refining my skills in other Unity techniques. I wanted to make a different mode where the player would be expected to guess a certain key that a piece is in given the number of sharps or flats. Additionally, I would like to add a tutorial level where it would teach the user about how to read music notes in both Treble and Bass Clef.

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