Emojis nowadays are our go-to means to inject some humanity into a conversation or quickly react to something, whether it's in text, chats, or instagram.

The problem is, it’s still not THAT human, especially if you’re stuck in a meeting and you can’t just send a “thumbs up” emoji to your boss that just gave you a to-do list for tomorrow.

And it’s definitely not that quick, especially if you’re [again], stuck in a meeting and you can’t just send an emoji to a friend that just frantically texted “wya”.

To top that off, messenger apps give us emojis and text suggestions that often don’t make sense or aren’t tailored to the situation.

What it does

Introducing Quickmoji: where you can respond to messages faster with real-time emotion recognition.

  1. Input Emoji: similar to text replacement, each emoji would correspond to a quick action, such as, texting “sounds good” or even sending your location.
  2. “Ding”: hold down message for “quick reactions,” which is when your phone would perform an emotion recognition scan.
  3. This would generate the top four emotions that match your face currently, which correspond to different quick actions like sending a "sounds good!" or an "On my way!" text.

How we built it

First, we assigned each emoji values ranging from 0 to 4 on the scales of Joy, Sorrow, Anger, and Surprise, which are the scales on which the Google Cloud API rates emotion. We then built the classification algorithm to suggest emojis and responses. For the front end, we visualized of program features and prototyped with Adobe XD.

Challenges we ran into

We had too much ideas juggling in our head that we spent the first 7 HOURS brainstorming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accurately matching faces to emojis using just a few heuristics

What I learned

All the ideas that were brought up during the conversations was not only essential part of our project but we all learned the possibilities of innovation.

What's next for Quick-moji

  • Emotion recognition in real time during a conversation to identify your text suggestions, such as "Hahaha" when you smile"
  • Use hand gestures to execute other quick emojis
  • Leave our computers and go talk to the USERS

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