When we were discussing our project, we saw that all of us are fond of the idea of cooking. Eventually, we started to brainstorm ways we can relate the topic of cooking with helping others. We understand for some of our peers, it could be difficult to prepare meals. They either don’t have the time, ingredients, or equipment, to do so. Others may want to look for meals that cater to their specific needs. Therefore, we decided to create a platform that gives an easy and fun way to discover new meals based on their criteria.

What it does

The web app takes you to a quick 6 question quiz that asks:

  1. What type of dish do you want to make?
  2. How much time do you want to spend cooking?
  3. How much ingredients do you have?
  4. What equipment do you want to use?
  5. Any dietary restrictions?
  6. Any allegries?

Based on those information, it would generate 4 meals that fit your needs and link you to the recipe to those meals.

Technologies Used

  • Figma for the prototype
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap and JavaScript for the Front-End
  • Adobe Illustrator and Procreate for graphics
  • FlatIcon for additional assets

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since this is our first time collaborating on a project together, we are proud that we were able to do it successfully. Plus, this is most of the team's first hackathon!

What's next for Quick Meals

  • Adding more results
  • Add the backend
  • Allowing users to preview the recipe when they hover over the name of the dish

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