Inspiration -When i was snowboarding in France i was sick and started to cough. I wanted to know that i have. This was my inspiration that without a doctor i can have a diagnosis about my health( with respiratory breathing).

What it does - We developed an electronic stethoscope that can hear our breath and get a diagnosis about the disease that a person has. It can be Heart murmur/pneumonia/bronchitis/bronchiectasis

How we built it- Computer Vision, Audio Fingerprinting, and a lot of data gathering and analysis

Challenges we ran into - Working on the machine learning, and to process the data of an image with image processing

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Our product is working.

What we learned - that we can analize the data and get 90% occurrence of success.

What's next for Quick MD - to continue and work on the project to built more data base that contains data about respiratory disease.

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