Starting a new framework or programming language is one of the most exciting things because you are improving yourself. Learning is best when you are actually building something, something not necessarily complex but relatable. Most applications can be built with minimum skills although it would be more optimised and faster with advanced skills. So this pushed me to build a relatable solution with beginner skills.

What it does

It is a hands on step by step tutorial for React Native beginners. This will take them through the installation process of React Native, creating a new project from the React-Native CLI, installing third party libraries and finally, learning data management using states and props. All that while building a mobile application which permits employees of a company to check-in by scanning a QR code.

How I built it

We worked on the mobile application using react-native while documenting the tutorial on the GitHub Readme file.

Challenges I ran into

We faced a lot of issues in breaking down the concepts in order for beginners to be able to understand and relate.

What I learned

We were able to complete the tutorial as well as pushing the code to our github repository. We improved on our technical writing and version control(git).

What's next for Quick Login

Writing about more React-Native concepts such as getting more into data management using Context API in a simplified way

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