I go skiing the next days and I‘m taking with me this expensive camera.

You know, insurance for a whole year is really pricey and I just want to insure it for one week!

Luckily, I have this new app. It’s called QuickInsurance. It enables me to purchase insurance coverage only for the one week of skiing and just for this one item.

The process is really easy.

I just need to provide the start and end date. I can also choose from some proposals that the app gives to me based on my calendar.

I make a picture of the item to show that it is in good shape. After the image analysis, I get an offer that is personalized to my individual risk profile.

Now I can insure my belongings with just a tap, and in case something happens - I’m covered.

What is the technology behind it?

SAP Hybris handles the pay-as-you-go billing. Deutsche Bank supplies the creditworthiness.

And we can easily plug in to existing systems of insurance companies and get a personal risk assessment.

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