I wanted to do a fitness skill which encourages people to come back on a daily basis. I've seen many fitness workout skills on Alexa, so I wanted to take a different approach and design it more like a 30-day challenge. The user only has to commit to one exercise a day and instead of having one type of exercise, like the plank or push-ups challenges, I wanted to provide a variety of exercises.

What it does

Quick Fit is a fitness skill where every day one needs to complete the chosen exercise for that day. The player can set the difficulty level which determines how long you spend doing an exercise.

Beginner - 30 seconds Intermediate - 45 seconds Advanced - 60 seconds

When the challenge starts, a timer will begin and the player can proceed to do the exercise. When the timer stops, the challenge is completed. The player can always do the challenge again if they feel like doing more.

The current plan contains 7 free exercises.

With the Exercise Pack, over 30 more exercises are available.

How I built it

I developed Quick Fit using the ASK-CLI, Alexa SDK, AWS Lambda, S3 Bucket, DynamoDB, Alexa Presentation Language and Node.JS.

Challenges I ran into

Finding images for the exercises that would help highlight how to do the exercise was a bit of a challenge and I did have to get rid of some exercises because there were no images that could be used to demonstrate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The speed at which I completed the skill.

What I learned

This was mostly applying what I already know from previous projects.

What's next for Quick Fit

*Add more exercises *Add streaks to encourage people to keep coming back day after day *Videos or gifs of the exercises in action

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