When apprised of this year’s theme, “Automate an Everyday Task”, and after brainstorming various ideas, we chose to focus on finance due to our shared love for math. However, having never done app development before and only knowing the fundamentals of web design, we chose to try to develop our concept of Quick Finance through a website, to further learn about the functionality of HTML, CSS, and JS.

Our website hosts three interconnected web pages that we initially modeled using wireframe sketches. Quick Finance implements two primary functions, a tip calculator and a purchase tracker which can be accessed through the hyperlinks embedded in the navigation bar located on the home page.

Have you ever wondered how much you need to pay your waiter after the customary tip percentage, simply input your meal cost and desired tip percentage and Tip Calculator tells you within seconds. The calculator also accounts for differences in sales tax across US states. Not only will Tip Calculator tell you the total amount you need to pay, but it also provides you with a breakdown of the subtotals for tip and sales tax to the hundredth cent. Quick, efficient, and accurate, Tip Calculator is perfect for helping you determine your restaurant bill.

Purchase Tracker, on the other hand, streamlines your spending by allowing you to log each of your purchases with ease. Simply input the date, the description, and the cost of each item you purchased, helping you stay on top of your spending intuitively and conveniently.

In conclusion, Quick Finance is an innovative solution for anyone looking to manage their finances with ease. With its two key features, the tip calculator and purchase tracker, Quick Finance provide a user-friendly platform for managing your spending and calculating your bills. Whether you are a seasoned finance expert or a beginner just starting out, Quick Finance is the ideal tool for automating your everyday financial tasks and freeing up time for other things.

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