Everyone would agree listening to customers, getting feedback and improving user experience is important. What's not solved is how to accomplish this. Quick Feedback Snippet is the first step in trying to solve this problem for Square vendors.

What it does

This App allows Square websites to place a nonintrusive feedback form link to their websites. This allows Square vendors to use their existing tools and publicly accessible form generators like google forms. This way they avoid a new account for a new website and instead leverage other platforms.

How we built it

We started from existing Square oauth sample and integrated snippetapi sections to have a working MVP running.

Challenges we ran into

Not so many challenges yet, but thinking about adding more functionalities to this snippet, we think it will be a challenge on improving this while customizing for each end customer and also keeping it anonymous and privacy respecting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete a working MVP that already provides value and works! Of course we're more excited about what else can be done. See below :)

What we learned

Square API and snippets. They're very useful and simple to use.

What's next for Quick Feedback

  • Customized feedback forms: Vendor can create custom feedback forms per user or even per product.
  • Incentivized feedback forms: To incentivize customers to fill out feedback forms, Square website owners can offer discounts, small Bitcoin payments to every respondent or even do a giveaway to one lucky respondent.

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