The team wanted to address the problem related to gang violence. Pre-teens in certain areas are not given enough attention and other such factors force them seek their opportunities somewhere outside the comforts of home, a gang. Gangs treat each other like a true family, which attracts the most innocent of people. After talking with police officers, we determined that by giving youth a path to hard-work, and a path to monetary compensation at an early age, they will be less likely to engage in gang activity.

What it does

'Quick' is a domain that connects people who are looking for others to complete micro-jobs (i.e. shovel the snow, cut the grass, walk their pet) to pre-teens looking to occupy themselves while earning a financial reward. This is accomplished having users sign in and fill out a description of what they want done. A potential client will look at the list of jobs given and contact the people they believe they can help.

How we built it

Our mobile app is built on Kivy, which is an extension of Python. It is a minimum viable product on that end we are currently working on fully implementing the full features there. The web application is the main product and we used Django to create a server and was used to display information given by those who are willing to pay for services. HTML, CSS and JavaScript were used to build and design the website.

Challenges we ran into

We are relatively novice programmers and Django was lengthy process to implement. We approached this predicament by watching tutorials online and by talking to mentors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came together as a group, despite our inexperience we were able to create more than the average minimum viable product and really explored a problem that exists in the real world.

What we learned

Other than coding skills, we greatly improved our self-confidence, communication and team-working skills.

What's next for Quick

Next steps, if continued, are to make a full-fledged mobile app to make our services more accessible.

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