Last minute getaways are expensive and a pain to plan when all we want is just a quick, easy escape.

With Quick ESC, you find the ideal destinations and the best deals for you with only a click of a button! Just type in what you want to do and Quick ESC will rank travel destinations based on weather reports and conditions for your specific activity.

We've incorporated Weather Underground's API to determine which mountains hold the deepest snow for skiing and which beaches boast the biggest waves for surfing.

This will change the way we travel by emphasizing the true reason for traveling when every other site focuses on price alone.

We don't travel to save money, we do it to feed our soul.

We want to fulfill our passions on the perfect day instead of trying to fit it within the cheapest day.

We plan on implementing additional APIs to make it a one-stop shop for busy vacationers. Additional ranking algorithms incorporating airfare, travel time and pollution are in the works. With enough data, Quick ESC will be able to respond to intangible desires such as "I want to experience love, or adventure, or complete disconnection" and return tangible results in the near future.

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