When stayed at home I was asking myself what can I do to protect my family? A lot of bacteria and viruses are brought by hands, phones, touching, shoes,...

I made box with UVC lights for disinfection.

When we dig deeper we got information that also disinfectant on basis of hydrogen peroxide can be very succesfully used for quick disinfection for public spaces.

But there is also a way to >>>activate<<< Hydrogen Peroxide with special process. We will try to do this in one fog machine.

What it does

UVC light box disinfects all items for disinfection. It is used for home or proffessional use for quick disinfection.

Second solution will be prepared to disinfect hands, people, shopping troleys, even cars and busses at public spots - quickly and automaticaly. With activated Hydrogen Peroxide it will be faster, less invasive and even more succesful than usual Hidrogen Peroxide solution.

How I built it

We made several prototypes to make our ideas work! In times of quarantine it was hard but we made it. All prototypes are presented at

Next prototype will be presented at our first cutomers in next 14 days. They need solution to disinfect people and shopping troleys going into their shops. (Last picture is prototype with activated Hydrogen Peroxide solution).

Challenges I ran into

When we made first public anouncement of our machine, things went mad. We had a problem that our current jobs are closed and have no money to invest in testing, inovating and to make first prototypes of second solutions.

Because we should act quick it makes us sad that we can’t develop ideas quicker than possible. On the contrary, when presented UVC solution to first clients, it was really good to get feedback and make adaptations to project using activated HP as new approach.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First machine prototypes got a lot of responses, inquiries and leads when we are preparing specialised solutions for selected needs (producing companies who need quick disinfecting solutions).


  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution gives log(reduction) of bacteriofags between 4 and 5, where our process will give
  • 1% activated Hydrogen Peroxide, gives log(reduction) of bacteriofags >7, which is tremendous!!!!

That way we can kill bacteria and viruses quickly, almost "on the fly"!!!

What I learned

We can make a lot of progress eventhough in quarantine. With good team, remote communication and qiuck response, we developed needed skills to further invent and develop quick disinfection solutions.

But always look to the other way to solve problems. By researching this we are sure that complete palette of disinfection solutions for home, business or public use will involve having UVC and also more invative ways to disinfect things, people and all.

What's next for Quick disinfection solutions for home, job and public needs

Our first activated Hydrogen Peroxide machine is in work. We will have meeting with first customers in 14 days where we will present this working disinfection solution for them.

We must also establish production premises to start with mass production of our products. First orders are droping in and we would like to keep big part in R&D of new inovative disinfection solutions. We are open for investments and representatives in eu.

Built With

  • fog
  • iot
  • microcontroller
  • piezzo
  • uvc
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posted an update

Our qucik disinfection went up! Discovered that Hydrogen peroxide, additionally activated (secret) have even more power for disinfection.

We will put also disinfection solution into our shopping troley dissinfection machine to test.

So there are two ways:

  • if there is no live animals or people and space can be closed (box, closed space,..) and enough time, we can use UVC disinfection succesfully.
  • if there is no time, people and animals and items can be disinfected by passing by, there is better solution to disinfect with dry fog with disinfectant.
  • if possible, combine those two sollutions (cargo belts,..) when UVC light can do desinfection with light, fog disinfectant inbetween covers all surface and add more to compete disinfection in one pass.

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posted an update

With last presentation we grew a little bit. Maybe solely Uvc light is not appropriate for quick disinfection since it needs time.

We are discussing to use activated Hidrogen peroxide, a special way to make HP more powerful when disinfecting.

Further development will be to add aHP to sisinfection process where available (belts, troleys,...)

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