Quick capture is product born from the utilization of free time to experiment with new technologies like HTML5 Canvas.

What it does

In layman term, it is a chrome extension that will allow you to capture the image of the web page you are viewing in the browser. Once the image is captured you are presented with an array of tools to annotate the image and then you can download or share that image using google drive, slack, and direct shareable link.

How we built it

Actually, we were exploring individual concepts of HTML5 Canvas and we came across the FabricJS that give us multiple functions to draw different shapes over the canvas. It was then we thought why not use this tools and allow the user to highlight the web pages. We had many times faced the issue when we wanted to share something that we were seeing in our browser and wanted to mark something and share it with our peers. We had to capture the image and then annotate in paint or such tool and then get share it via email. Hence we came up with the idea to create a product that is a click away and does all the above mentioned in the browser itself. Quick Capture is that !!

Challenges we ran into

Once we started the development we started to get hold of the hidden issues. 1.) How will we convert the captured image to the canvas. 2.) We did not know how to manage multiple canvas. 3.) We had no idea how to undo an action or remembering the elements so that we can reposition after moving to the other element would work. These are few of the challenges we faced. But overall it proved to be a huge learning curve for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are now able to capture even the desktop screen after the initial success of the chrome extension. The ability to capture the entire screen and annotate even a PDF is we are proud of.

What's next for Quick Capture

We are coming with desktop software Quick capture that can record videos and screens of desktop windows.

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