There are some LGBT people that we feel for, and we wanted to make an interactive randomly generated display to show that it's ok to be whoever you want to be.

What it does

It generates ellipses in the colors of rainbows with text supporting LGBT rights.

How I built it

Using the processing library and the JDK, we hashed together this program.

Challenges I ran into

which engine to create a graphic interface with, PApplet was what we settled on for its convenience and workability, yet powerful engine and API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the knowledge we attained during this experience, and glad that we are able to apply our talents to a project to display

What I learned

Philip: Basic ways to use classes and java's random library. Rachel: Processing is awesome, also, version control fun.

What's next for quhacks

better stuff.

Built With

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