What it does

  • QueueT is an app that allows users (QT's) to serve as a lineholder for a Payer who might not have the time to dedicate waiting in line for an event (e.g. the release of the new iPhone -- instead of waiting outside for 3 days beforehand, someone else will wait in line for you). The QT can also pick up the item for the Payer. The Payer is the customer who gets their place in line held and/or receives the event item (e.g. usually limited edition). It works similar to a gig job, like Lyft/Uber/Postmates.
    • It allows users to signup as either a QT or a Payer
    • A QT can be a lineholder and/or a an item retriever
    • Security is based on having the ID's of both the QT and Payer scanned beforehand during the initial account creation

How We built it

  • We had two developers who focused on building out the swift portion of the app, one person with a data analytics and database background work on implementing firebase, and one person focused on planning out the UX/UI of the app

Challenges We ran into

  • Implementing facebook login and google login
  • Implementing firebase database
    • Using firebase to store app data (e.g. event details)

Accomplishments that We are proud of

  • We came together as a team and created and built a project, even though we didn't know each other beforehand
  • Some of us learned new tools (e.g. firebase) and languages, as well as got out of our comfort zones

What We learned

  • How difficult it is to build a mobile app
  • How complicated the planning portion is of creating a mobile app
    • But how important it is to create concept sketches and prototypes beforehand to factor in best UX practices

What's next for QueueT

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