I believe that lots of people would be like me who hate to wait in line and nothing. However, there are lots of circumstances that people must physically be in line. For example, student need to wait in lines for office hours, and people in HACKTX need to wait in line to get free T-shirt. It won’t be a big problem if the line is quick but otherwise it would be a big deal. So we want to create a solution that free people from any kinds of physically waiting in line.

What it does

Freeue is a web application that user can both create a queue or join in a queue. For creating a queue, users can simply log into their facebook account and hit create your queue that they can basically share their room number to others so people can join in their line. Besides, they can simply hit inform next to automatically send a message to the next person in line to come up and wait. For people who join in a queue, they can simply enter the room code they get into the app and they are ready to go! The system will sent them a message when their turn is up.

How we built it

Using different API's, GO, javascript, materialU and WebSocket to create the project

Challenges we ran into

People who are joining the lines are anonymous, so we can’t prevent the situation where the same person is in one line for multiple times. Also, currently people who in line have to keep the website open in order to get notifications from the owner of the queue, so if they accidently close the website, they have to rejoin at the end of the queue. The other problem we ran into was finding a way to estimate the amount of waiting time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think we come up with great ideas that could possibly create huge impact

What's next for Freeue

Automatic inform the next people in line to come

Built With

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