We wanted to connect modern technology with physical businesses in a way that can help them be more time efficient with their customers and improve their overall experience. The goal was to do this in a way that could be utilized by any business or user regardless of technical capabilities.

What it does

QueueMe allows business to set up their physical locations in the platform, set up however many physical queues their business supports, and then allows visitors to enter and leave queues from anywhere they are. Business can gain useful metrics such as knowing globally how many customers they're serving, how long customers are waiting to be served, and more.

How we built it

The majority of this project was spent building out our React frontend to support the many different pages we had planned for this platform. it required us to also build out numerous API routes on our backend, and glue all of this together without forgoing user experience.

Challenges we ran into

We had some members who were learning completely new frameworks and tools and how everything comes together. This proved to be challenging but a great learning experience. We also experimented with trying new devops tools, deploying our application, and trying to get something working. Our list of planned features also grew very quickly when we started building the application, and had to slim down our scope continuously as the night progressed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While we didn't build our dream application, we have a large amount of features that we were able to cross off our checklist of goals, and all 3 members were able to contribute meaningfully. Some less experienced members also gained a great amount of experience working with modern webdev technologies and seeing how an application can grow and come together.

What we learned

Trying to learn a new framework with a large planned feature scope and having not studied ahead of time can prove very challenging. We learned how to prioritize, scale back, and focus on solving the most important problems.

What's next for QueueMe

We built the majority of our business facing side of the application and idea, and we really like the direction we were heading, and can now focus on the user side of the experience and overall idea to bring our entire vision together.

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