Queue API

Queue API allows you to create and manage queues


  • Create queue
  • Show you list of queue
  • Add customers to queue
  • Delete customer from queue
  • Show selected queue


We assume that the registration of the user in the queue will occur with a mobile phone, therefore, in requests from the user there is always a mobile phone


For example, we use curl-utility There are some REST-requests you can use to communicate with our API

  curl 'localhost:8000/api/addNewQueue?queueName=SOBES'

By this request you can create your own queue. You can specify queue name by REST parameter.

  curl 'localhost:8000/api/getAllQueues'

This request will show you list of all created queues.

curl 'localhost:8000/api/addToQueue?queueName=Sberbank&phoneNumber=89212255432'

In order to add a customer to the queue, you can use this request

curl 'localhost:8000/api/deleteFromQueue?queueName=Sberbank&phoneNumber=89212255432'

This request allows you to delete customers by the phone number

curl 'localhost:8000/api/getQueue?queueName=Sberbank'

This request will show you queue by the queue name

Built With

  • git
  • java
  • junit
  • maven
  • mockito
  • restful-web-application
  • telegramm-bot-api
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