Inspired by the long wait times in restaurants and the needless hours wasted through our lives waiting at the restaurants for food.

What it does

User enters the app and meets a display that gives him or her three options. Two of the options are used by the consumer being log in as a consumer (only members will be eligible for the rewards program) or continue as guest. The second option is the actual restaurant end of the app which will allow restaurants to use a digital queue system for establishing wait times, current occupancy of the restaurant, and review system all in one the restaurant will need to register an account to access this. Consumer end of the spectrum: Consumer enters app either logs in or continues as guest and goes to a map display similar to Google maps / Yelp.on this map display the user can click on restaurants in the area that are registered with the app and check wait times, current occupancy of the restaurant, and reviews of the restaurant. If the user finds a restaurant they like they can enter the restaurants live digital queue input their name enter the queue and arrive promptly avoiding their wait time entirely. much like the physical queue written in a restaurant when someone arrives physically there and writes their name.Essentially this is helpful because a customer could be at home checking the live estimates of wait times, live count of restaurant occupancy, and reviews all in one. Restaurant end of the spectrum: For the restaurant end of the spectrum they log into their account to access their info database. Basically what the hostess of the restaurant has to do to get this app to function is input restaurants current occupancy, and estimated wait time for people who enter the queue. The hostess for the restaurant would have this app installed on a company tablet or phone and she would do normal hostess activities except on the app. Every time a customer enters the restaurant he or she would input the number of customers that came into the app. Once the amount of customers reaches max occupancy then he or she would start in putting estimated wait times names and party sizes onto the app as they would normally do on paper but with the aid of the queue app customers would have already entered this info and been entered into the queue

How I built it

Used lua and corona framework

Challenges I ran into

The entire code imploded and we had to debug for hours without success

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a good idea and working super hard to try and make the idea come true. All the group members put in a ton of work we should be proud of that.

What I learned

Don't use lua or corona framework because bugs are easily created and hard to find

What's next for queue by yacht club

Learn how to program and make a better version with JAVA or JAVA script

Built With

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